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Find the Right Life Insurance Policy for Each Client

Dec 1, 2012 2 Minute Read

Every customer is unique. No two life insurance policies are exactly the same. For every
customer there is a particular product that is perfect. You must successfully match your clients with their ideal policies. Providing the perfect policy will make your business more successful and will lead to happy customers who are likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

But how do you make this perfect match? Below you will find several tips to help you find the policies that fit your clients like a glove.

Listen to Your Clients

The first step to matching clients with the best possible life insurance policy is understanding their needs and desires. To do this you must carefully listen to your client. Customers are the experts on the subject of their lives. By paying attention to what they have to say, they will reveal what they need.

Pay attention to all of the details of their circumstances. Note their age, relationship status, if they have children, if they own a house, and all other factors. Understanding their lives will help you provide them with life insurance that provides the coverage they truly need.

Have Access to a Variety of Life Insurance Policies

As mentioned above, every single life insurance policy is unique. For every customer there is an ideal policy. You don’t want to discover that you don’t sell the type of life insurance product that your customer needs. If this happens, you will either lose the sale or push a less than ideal product. This will lead to an unhappy customer and fewer referrals down the road.

You must have access to a wide variety of life insurance products to help ensure that you have what customers are looking for. One of the best ways to do this is to get contracted with a life insurance brokerage. A brokerage will provide access to the products you need when you need them.

Know Your Life Insurance Policies Inside and Out

You have access to a multitude of products, make sure you understand them. Take the time to learn all about the life insurance policies that you sell. Intimate knowledge of products will help you match clients’ needs to policies faster and more efficiently. A deep understanding of the products will also help build trust between you and customers. They want to be assured that they are working with a confident and knowledgeable agent.