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Helping Your Customers Find Quality, Affordable Term Life Insurance

May 26, 2012 3 Minute Read

While the search for affordable term life insurance is something that every individual should take very seriously, it’s an ever-shifting dynamic from the sales side. As an agent you always want to be sure that you are offering your customers exactly what they want and that you are keeping them apprised of all changes to their policy and coverage. In order to make sure your customers get the best term life insurance quote for their individual situation, there are a few things which every agent should focus in on.

Customer Needs

– In order to get the best rates for your customer you need to know who your customer is; what their needs are. The only way you are going to be able to do this is through hearing their story, asking what their needs and expectations are, asking them how much they want to spend, and then responding to those statements. A single widowed working father of 6 school-aged kids is going to need a vastly different quote than a retired, well-off, married couple with no children and no debt. Still the only way you can know what your customers’ needs are is to ask and then listen.

Competitive Rates

– In order to keep your customers appetite whetted though you need to be offering them rates which are at the very least competitive with other offers they are fielding. You need to be able to show them a few different rates for their term life insurance and as an agent you need to make them feel as though going with you is giving them the best overall value. That’s where the human effect comes in; best price, best benefits, & best service = best value.

Dedicated Support

– Going right along with that last point, as an agent you need to not only close the sale, you need to back it up with the continued support and service. If your customer has questions and they can’t reach you, it behooves you to get back in touch with them straight away. Even after you have closed the sale there is very little stopping your customers from walking away and severing ties with your agency. Ergo as an agent seeking to keep your customers business, every call is your most important call.

Long Term Success

– Just like a teacher is concerned for the long term success of his or her students, affordable term life insurance agents should be very focused on the long term success of their clients.

Life insurance is a partnership. For life. A partnership which extends even beyond the agents and the customers lives and into the next generation. Bearing that in mind as an agent you need to be totally focused in on your clients’ needs and your agencies long term viability in the marketplace. Making sure of these four points; finding customers the best rates for their individual situation, offering them outstanding service and support which extends to term; will allow your own standing to grow and prosper and flourish.