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How to Build Trust as a Life Insurance Agent

Feb 14, 2013 2 Minute Read

No matter what kind of business you’re in, trust plays a large role. Life insurance is no different. Before people buy life insurance, they need to feel like they can trust the insurance sales agent and that the agent cares about them. Until people know that you care about them, they’re likely to view you as just another salesperson trying to make a sale. Besides getting contracted with a life insurance brokerage that offers training and support, what else can you do to build trust and show prospects that you have their best interest in mind?

Treat Everyone Like Family

You can easily show you care by treating every prospect like they’re a friend or family member. Focus on the prospect and what is best for them, and they’ll be able to tell that you’re interested in serving their needs and not just making a sale.

Develop a Connection Before Making the Sale

A lot of salespeople put too much emphasis on the sales process. While that’s obviously an important part of making a sale, you still need to see each prospect as an individual with individual needs. Build a solid rapport with the prospect before moving into the sales presentation and you’ll find that the prospect is more receptive to your pitch.

Have Relaxed Conversations

When you’re talking with the prospect, you should converse with them like you’re talking with a close friend. If you behave in a relaxed, open and conversational manner, your prospects will likely mirror that. They’ll also feel far more comfortable with you if you seem more human and less like a sales robot.

Be The Ultimate Professional

It can’t be stressed enough how important professionalism is. Speak professionally and intelligently about life insurance, and present yourself as an experienced life insurance agent. Know your industry backwards and forwards, and make sure you convey that knowledge to your prospect. In addition, dressing appropriately, making good eye contact, conducting yourself professionally and having a firm handshake are seemingly little things, but they make a big difference.

The bottom line is that prospects will trust you when you’re professional, personable and show that you care about their needs.