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How to Promote Your Life Insurance Agency

Jul 14, 2012 2 Minute Read

Looking to grow your customer base? While word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to gain business, if you’re looking for additional ways to grow your business, consider the following strategies.

Provide Educational Resources and Tools

The goal of providing educational resources is to attract business by positioning yourself as a life insurance expert. You want to become a resource to people who are considering or shopping for life insurance. If you provide useful information and guidance to prospective buyers, they are more likely to go through you when it comes to applying for coverage. A few tips:

  • Create educational blog posts and/or post whitepapers on your website
  • Hold workshops for prospective buyers, explaining to them how to determine the life insurance that best suits their needs
  • Post a webinar on your site that explores material useful to your customer base
  • Send out newsletters (electronic or print)

As a result of these efforts, you’ll build trust and respect while setting yourself apart from your competition.

Buy Leads

One of the surest ways to get more clients is to generate more customer leads. You can use an online lead supplier to provide you with an abundance of potential customers who fit a specific demographic. To ensure you’re working with a quality lead vendor purchase a small amount of leads to start and test their performance.

Nurture Leads

Once you’ve purchased leads, nurture them. One of the most important aspects of lead nurturing is providing value to leads before they become customers. Lead nurturing also involves personal contact on a regular basis, whether it be a phone call, an email, or a mailer. It’s important to keep your name in the mind of the potential customer.

One last piece of advice. When you’re looking to expand your customer base avoid the most common mistake in sales—failing to pay attention to leads who don’t immediately buy. Leads will buy when they’re ready to buy—not when you’re ready to sell. Building relationships with people who are not ready to move forward is the best to keep them in your pool of potential customers.

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