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Insurance Sales System: Leveraging ALISS to Grow Your Business

Nov 26, 2011 2 Minute Read

Automation is instrumental to streamline any online sales business. ALISS, The Automated Life Insurance Sales System, is rapidly helping today’s top selling life insurance agents increase their online insurance sales. ALISS is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that saves you time and money. This innovative system gives you a competitive advantage over non-users in today’s technology driven market. ALISS was built by brokers and designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the life insurance business, and is offered to all eFinancial member agents. ALISS will help you automate your online insurance business and give you more time to build relationships and focus on sales.

What can ALISS do for you?

  • Electronically accept applications by telephone and online.
  • Order medical examinations.
  • Help you design your agent website.
  • Do follow-up work for you via the “Automation Engine.”

ALISS can make two very time-consuming tasks much easier for you. This insurance sales system electronically accepts applications, via telephone or the web, and orders medical examinations for potential life insurance policy buyers. Imagine how much time you’ll save when you don’t need to spend hours handling the clerical side of your business.

Access to ALISS also gives you the ability to create your own website. Everyone running an online business needs a professional and effective website. Now with the aid of ALISS, you can design your own agent site without extensive web design training and without paying a web site developer.

ALISS also automates the follow up process. Imagine having your follow-up meetings scheduled automatically. We all know how critical follow-up is to any sales enterprise. With ALISS your online insurance sales business will never suffer from a lack of timely follow-up. The ALISS contact management function will send out your follow-up communications right on time.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the leading insurance sales system as an eFinancial life insurance member agent and increase your online sales.

eFinancial is committed to innovation. This commitment results in continued website improvements, ongoing support and the latest technological tools for our insurance sales brokers. Have questions on ALISS? Contact us directly at 1-800-648-9504.