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Duties of a Life Insurance Agent

Apr 26, 2012 2 Minute Read

Understanding your role is an important aspect of any life insurance agent’s training.

As a life insurance agent working for a wholesale life insurance brokerage, your job is to provide your client with the means to continue to take care of his or her family in the event of a death.

Life insurance provides families with the means to take care of financial needs such as mortgage payments, household bills, school and childcare expenses and funeral costs. The average cost of a funeral according to the National Funeral Directors Association runs between $6500 and $7500, an expense that can be alleviated with life insurance.

As a life insurance agent, you will provide your client with all the tools necessary to ensure his or her family is not left with debt in the event of his/her death. You should be well versed and able to discuss all plans available, including but not limited to, term life insurance, whole life insurance and policies with options that cover terminal illness care and care in long-term care facilities.

In addition to educating your clients on all the types of policies available, you need to demonstrate that you’re an expert in life insurance. Clients are looking for someone to help them make the best financial decisions to ensure their families are taken care should something happen to them.

Once you understand your roles and responsibilities, you need to find clients. You should look for new clients on a regular basis through mailings, seminars and networking. As you build your client base, you will see your business increase through referrals from existing clients.

Your role as an agent shouldn’t end once a policy is activated. Continue to cultivate the relationships with the clients. You never know when they may need a new policy or what friends and family they can refer to you if you keep in contact.

Be informed, be confident and always remember your roles and responsibilities as a life insurance agent. As your clients come to trust your judgment, you will see your client base increase and your business grow. Also, remember that your life insurance agent training is never complete. Always strive to learn more about your industry and your role within it.

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