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Life Insurance Apps for Agents

Apr 23, 2013 2 Minute Read

You’ve spent the money for a tablet or smart phone, so log off of Facebook, stop playing games and start using it for your business. Apps can help save you time, money and help you be more organized. We have found some of the best apps for life insurance agents below.

Life Insurance Sales Application (LISA)

Are you buried under a mound of paperwork? This free app, known as LISA, gives you a digital version of a compliance-approved life insurance application. Clients can use your tablet to fill out the application and even sign electronically, saving you the hassle of carrying folders full of paperwork. You can then transmit the application to your clients via fax or email.

LISA also offers sales training and presentation materials.
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Power Presenter for iPad

Really wow your clients with an impressive presentation. Use the Power Presenter app for your iPad to show clients PDF files. The Power Presenter allows you to make notes and drawings on the file. Think old-school projector with modern-day technology.
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Fuze Meeting 

The Fuze Meeting app allows you to meet with clients anywhere, anytime. You can have video conferencing sessions with multiple parties, and even present word documents, power point presentations, videos and more.

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GoodReader allows you to successfully manage a large number of files, folders, PDFs , documents and more. There is a zoom capability and a text search for important documents that need a closer view. GoodReader also has annotation capability, allowing you to mark up documents with text boxes, freehand writing, lines, arrows and more.

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Ditch the post-its and long to-do lists in favor of Todo. You can create checklists, reminder alerts, projects and set due dates. Share what you’ve created via email and stay organized.

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Whatever app is your favorite, use them wisely to stay organized and increase your sales and leads.