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Life Insurance Awareness Month: Helping Your Customers Celebrate with Financial Planning

Sep 26, 2011 2 Minute Read

Each year Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) brings the topic of life insurance front and center to millions of consumers. At eFinancial Wholesale, we like to help our life insurance producers take advantage of this campaign, to grow their business and educate their prospective and existing customers. In this post, we are going to explore the many ways you can leverage Life Insurance Awareness Month to stress the importance of financial planning.

Marketing Materials

As a driven life insurance broker, you likely produce and disseminate marketing materials on a regular basis. Do these materials convey helpful information in conjunction with promotional messaging?  Customers will remember you if you establish yourself as an authority and offer consumers something of value.   In order to remain relevant, you are likely in the constant pursuit of industry news and timely information to share in your marketing materials. For the month of September, there is no need to look for relevant topics to discuss – focus on Life Insurance Awareness month. Include information on the program and stress the importance of including life insurance in any financial plan.

Talk to Your Lead Pool

The life insurance industry is built on relationships. As a life insurance broker, cultivating mutually beneficial connections with prospects and customers is important to your success.  Whether in person or by phone; be sure to speak with your contacts throughout the month of September about Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Explain what the campaign is all about and why it’s so important.

Offer Life Insurance Awareness Month Evaluations

Use the buzz about Life Insurance in September to offer free life insurance coverage evaluations. Offer to walk through an individual’s current life insurance needs and compare your findings with the coverage they have in place. Through your analysis, you can help customers   determine if their current coverage would be adequate financial protection for their family, if they pass away. Conversations like these lead to sales, but more importantly, customers will rest easier knowing they are taking care of financial planning for their family.  Offer your Life Insurance Awareness Month evaluations in your marketing materials and in your daily conversations.  You may be surprised to discover just how many people will take you up on your offer.

Are you interested in learning more about Life Insurance Awareness Month? Visit the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education and the Life Insurance and Market Research Association online for more information on the campaign.