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Life Insurance Brokerage Tip: Educate Your Clients

Dec 2, 2011 2 Minute Read

Educate your clients to close deals. In order to make the case for life insurance, you must help your customers understand the many benefits of life insurance coverage. Whether you are dealing with an existing customer who is in need of additional coverage or a potential customer, it is up to you to engage and educate. So where do you start?

Educate from Day One

Take time to understand the financial situation and goals of each client. Then take this information to recommend and educate your customer about the life insurance products that suit their needs. If, for example, you have a potential customer with a young family and little expendable income, recommend term coverage. Explain that they can always purchase an additional policy in the future if their needs or situation changes. Always go over risks and benefits of their coverage options and set the stage for future conversations and investments. Remember that using a wholesale life insurance brokerage will give you access to all of the products your customers might need.

Provide Continuing Education

Once you have converted a lead into a customer, it is up to you to sustain the relationship. Regularly communicate with your customers through the use of monthly newsletters, periodic phone calls, social media outreach and personal emails. Share new products, industry trends, current events and other educational insights. As your relationship and trust grows your customers will likely look to you to make further investments.

Keep Records for Ongoing Education and Insight

As you build your book of business keep records on each of your customers. Keep track of how you first became acquainted, their marital status, employment information, number of children, the products you discussed and anything else that can help you engage them in the future. These records can be very valuable throughout the life of your business relationship and help you provide continuing, individualized education to each of your clients.

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