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Life Insurance Sales Tips: Leverage a Newsletter

Dec 14, 2011 2 Minute Read

As a broker you are always on the lookout for opportunities to increase life insurance sales. Finding new and innovative life insurance sales tips and ways to engage potential and existing clients is an ongoing challenge. At eFinancial, we talk to brokers everyday who ask us for advice. We are often surprised to learn just how many agents do not take advantage of the good old-fashioned newsletter. In today’s modern world, you can blast a newsletter to your target audience in a matter of seconds, for pennies on the dollar. Before you go to the ends of the earth and spend big bucks developing your next big marketing campaign, we encourage you to try your luck with a monthly newsletter.

Why a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a monthly reminder of you and your services and an opportunity to increase life insurance sales. This is a great chance to give your brokerage some personality. Your newsletter will remind your customers that they have a team of professionals who are prepared to help them with their life insurance and financial planning needs.

What to Include:

If written properly your newsletter will engage and inform without sounding like a hard sales pitch or self-promotional. Take this monthly opportunity to introduce a new product, highlight an employee or customer of the month and talk about your involvement in the community. Including trivia questions and polls can be a great way to encourage interaction. If you host a blog or leverage social media, be sure to plug them each month. By including a balance between education and human interest you can produce a highly effective newsletter that your customers enjoy.

Who to Include:

Your newsletter should go out to existing customers, those in your lead pool, as well as friends and colleagues that you think would benefit from your newsletter. This monthly reminder can spark conversation that leads to referrals, entice a friend who has not used your services in the past and help you stay in touch with colleagues. Also, be sure to include a link on your website and in your email communication, encouraging newsletter signups. This can be a great opportunity to expand your lead pool.

At eFinancial we work with our member agents to help develop marketing strategies that foster business growth. Distributing newsletters is just one of the many tactics you can employ to increase life insurance sales. Stay tuned for tips and tricks in our future blog posts to help you reach your goals. If you have questions about how the eIndependent platform can help you, contact us directly at 1.800.648.9504, our staff of wholesale brokerage specialists is standing by.