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Life Insurance Sales Tips to Maximize Your Sale

Feb 26, 2012 2 Minute Read

To be a successful independent agent or broker in today’s market requires an aptitude with the new technology that has changed the way insurance is bought and sold. Today’s consumers go online to find insurance, and many want the entire buying process to be conducted without ever actually meeting an agent.

In this environment, how can you differentiate yourself from your competition? How can you use technological innovations to increase your sales? How can you get the modern consumer to select you for their life insurance needs? Well we have the answers and insurance sales tips for you.

Insurance Sales Tips For Using Technology to Your Advantage

If you’re in the insurance business and are an independent agent or broker, the opportunities for increasing sales provided by the new, networked world is growing. Consider these insurance sales tips as you explore how to grow your business using technology.

Technology allows you to join partnerships that expand your product line. With a wholesale partner such as eFinancial, you can provide customers with more options and therefore better rates. Satisfying customers is still the best way to attract more customers, and an expanded choice of carriers and a competitive product line helps you do just that.

Automated sales systems can drive sales and improve your service efficiency. Scheduled automatic updates, status tracking, speeded-up underwriting, dedicated support from the automated-system provider’s case management team, and educational tools are just some of the benefits of hosted software designed specifically to manage the life insurance sales process.

A lack of an online presence means you miss connecting with a vast segment of the market. A wholesale partner dedicated to reaching this consumer base will keep your agency’s name exactly where it needs to be—where potential customers are looking!

Understand the value of content marketing and how it relates to technology. One of the best insurance sales tips is to use technology to establish yourself as a thought leader in the field of insurance. E-newsletters, blogs, and online white papers are some of the ways in which you can leverage the Internet to build your brand’s reputation, spread your name, and educate consumers about how to make buying decisions with you that will leave them happy—driving repeat business and referrals. People like to do business with agents and brokers who demonstrate in their content marketing that they are experts in the field.

Today’s technology opens the door to limitless opportunity. By working with a wholesaler who can combine technological know-how with cutting-edge insurance sales tips, you can get onboard with the online revolution and work to enhance your sales approach.