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Life Insurance Social Media Mistakes

Mar 1, 2013 2 Minute Read

A social media presence can go a long way in helping any agent succeed in life insurance sales. But there are some common mistakes that may do more harm than good when it comes to social media and marketing.

You’re Not Active

If you have a profile but aren’t actively updating it at least once or twice a month, it’s probably not doing any good. Keeping an active profile with new content and posts is critical to being successful with social media. You don’t want a client to see a social media profile that hasn’t been updated in months. It can give the wrong impression, so if you don’t think you can devote the time to updating frequently; think twice about using social media.

You’re Not Interacting with Followers

If someone takes the time to post on your Facebook wall, or tweets a message at you, take the time to respond. Social media is a great tool to help develop meaningful relationships with clients. Having engaged followers is important to succeeding on social networks, and it can translate quickly into sales success.

You Need Content

We know it can be hard to create content to go along with your website, blog or social media sites. But it’s a very effective way to not only gain more likes or followers, but also to engage those who view your social media profile. If you prove that you can offer information and products clients need, they’ll keep coming back to you time and time again.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with content, think about questions clients frequently ask, and what they may find the most useful to learn. If you don’t have the resources to write it or put it together yourself, considering hiring someone.

Show Some Personality

Social media is a great place to show your personality, share your story and prove you are a life insurance expert. Use social media to showcase your personal brand and what sets you apart from competitors. You can be funny and post jokes or fun stories, but mix it up with some more serious posts that showcase your expertise.

Know Why You’re There

Sure, it’s great to gather likes and followers, but are you converting them into leads, and ultimately sales? Make sure that you are using social media to increase traffic to your website, where you can convert that traffic to leads and sales.

Do your best to gauge your success on social media by measuring your results. Are you getting leads or sales from contacts made on social media sites? If not, try adjusting your plan. You want to make sure that spending time developing your brand on social media is beneficial to your business.