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Taking Your Insurance Brokerage to the Next Level with ALISS CRM

Jun 6, 2012 2 Minute Read

Does the number of yellow sticky notes fluttering on your walls and computer monitor sometimes make you wonder if Big Bird was nesting in your office last night? Remember those predictions of the coming “paperless office”? Like thousands of other hardworking insurance professionals, you probably just need to look at your own desk to know how far you still need to go.

Still, the trend toward greater use and acceptance of electronic transactions – all those billions and billions of invisible “bits” and “bytes” traveling through cyberspace – in all parts of our lives is irreversible. You almost certainly use an automated bank teller machine, and you probably pay some bills online. Does your family (teenagers excluded) even shop at the mall anymore, or are all your favorite “stores” just a few mouse clicks away?

Why not get on board with an automated life policy sales management system that will dramatically increase your efficiency and enhance your or your agency’s bottom line? Whether you’re an individual agent or an agency owner with multiple agents to manage, chances are you’ve heard something about the Automated Life Insurance Sales System (ALISS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System from eFinancial.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to look into what ALISS can do for your brokerage. If you have, you already know that ALISS is far and away the most advanced and user friendly CRM on the market today.
ALISS’s best known feature is its electronic policy application system, faster and more error proof than any manual counterpart. Every application created is automatically tailored to the carrier and the state. Information obtained from the client pre-populated and saved to the form. Just click to order the exam and attach the e-application. That’s it! No more last minute dashes to the post office to get those new applications in the mail!

But even if you’re sold on ALISS’s e-application feature, you may not realize how much more the ALISS CRM solution offers. Whether you’re a newer agent just starting out or a veteran agency owner, we don’t think it’s overstating the case to say ALISS will probably change forever the way you write life insurance business. You know that the heart and soul of your business is face time with prospective policyholders.

ALISS can streamline routine tasks that take you away from prospect calls. It also gives you automated policy status updates and reminder notices, a prospect management tool and a variety of reports to help you to keep a closer eye on your bottom line.

We all love listening to “on hold” music, but once you have ALISS CRM you’ll have to call your cell phone company to get your fix, because you’ll have real time, online access to:

  • Pending case updates
  • Medical exam updates
  • Connectivity to carriers

Still not persuaded that the ALISS CRM is right for you? Contact us toll-free at 1.800.648.9504.