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The Biggest Closing Mistake Life Insurance Agents Can Make

Feb 1, 2013 2 Minute Read

Even the most trained life insurance agent can make a mistake, but when it comes to closing a sale, mistakes just aren’t acceptable. In the sales process, it can be tempting to race to the finish line, but this can easily cost you a sale. The biggest mistake that inexperienced life insurance agents, or even experienced ones, can make is to not understand what their prospect needs.

In order to understand what your prospect needs, taking your time can be crucial. Here are some things you can do to avoid trying to make the sale too soon.

Client Questionnaire

Before making your sales presentation, get to know your prospect. Use a client interview questionnaire to uncover what their needs are. You can eliminate a lot of resistance later on if you understand your prospects needs for life insurance and what information they need from you in order to make a purchasing decision. So you don’t find yourself in a situation where the prospect doesn’t have the right finances for buying life insurance or isn’t ready to make a financial commitment to buying life insurance.

Learn to Listen

In addition, listening is key. It’s important in any relationship, but especially in the sales process. Ask probing questions that get at the heart of what your prospects reservations might be about life insurance. Find out what their motivation is for buying life insurance. You can learn a lot about the prospect and make an easier sale if you take the time to ask questions and listen.

Not all life insurance sales will be easy ones, but not taking the time to get to know your prospect can make it nearly impossible to secure a sale. The best advice is to get the right life insurance training, ask questions, listen to the answers and build your sales presentation around the information you’ve gathered.