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The Importance of Diligent Case Management

Dec 26, 2011 2 Minute Read

Life insurance sales are about more than simply closing deals. It is about helping your customers find life insurance policies that work for them and to see them through the application process. After all, a sale is not complete until coverage begins. Follow these three easy steps and experience how due diligence can increase life insurance sales.

1. Get to Know Your Customer

Getting to know your customer not only helps you cater to their needs but it helps you select a policy they are truly eligible for. Learn about your customers, find out what type of coverage they need, what they can afford and ask about their financial goals. Take the time to learn about past and present health conditions, family medical history, tobacco use, age and other factors that influence coverage. This will help you select life insurance products that truly suit your customer’s needs. . As an experienced broker, you know which products and carriers are willing to cover high-risk individuals and which are not. This is valuable information to use when recommending life insurance policies.

2. Assist in the Application Process

As a seasoned professional, you are familiar with the common mistakes consumers make when applying for life insurance. Take time to walk your customers through the application process and help them avoid mistakes like improperly completing an application or disclosing information that is not required.  At eFinancial we have a dedicated case management team that can also help you review your applications and help you and your customers avoid mistakes.

3. Follow-Up

Stay on top of the process. Follow up with the insurance carriers to ensure you are in the know about each and every application you have in process. You may find that some carriers are slower than others to report application errors. By staying on top of things, you can speed up the application process and increase your average approval rate. This is another benefit that can be fulfilled by working with the eFinancial case management team. Our case management experts ensure applications are submitted in a timely manner, track all additional requests made by the carriers, follow-up with customers on your behalf and confirm when policies are issued.

Do you have more questions about how you can better approach life insurance case management? Perhaps you want to learn more about the eIndependent program and our highly rated case management team. If so, please contact us directly. We are here to help you drive life insurance sales!