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The Importance of Working with Only the Top Rated Life Insurance Companies

Aug 26, 2011 2 Minute Read

As a life insurance producer your business is built on your name and your ability to help your customers select quality life insurance coverage.  Your customers look to you for insight and expertise and depend on you to recommend top rated life insurance products.  The backbone of your business is truly your insurance product offering; this is why it’s so important to carefully select the life insurance companies whom you will endorse to your costumers.  So how do you determine which companies to work with? Recommend only the top rated life insurance companies on the market today.

Rating the Top Life Insurance Companies

Most life insurance producers sell products from several insurance carriers. As a producer it’s your responsibility to develop an intimate working knowledge of each product you offer, and to confidently stand behind the quality of each product.  So how does one go about qualifying each product?  Start with the insurance providers who offer them.

Though there is not an industry rating standard there are several life insurance rating companies that use slightly different rating systems to evaluate insurance providers, among them are: Standard and Poor’s, Fitch, A.M. Best and Moody’s.  Because each rating company looks at a specific set of parameters, it’s a good idea to review multiple ratings; in doing so you will establish an objective depiction of the quality of each provider’s products and coverage.

eFinancial and the Top Life Insurance Companies

At eFinancial we work with only the top life insurance companies in the industry today.  As a leading online wholesale life insurance broker, we work with more than 100 top rated providers.  Because we have taken the time to review each and every company and policy we offer, eFinancial producers have access to only the best of the best.

What does this means for our producers?  It means they can rest assured, when selling products through eFinancial, that they are offering top rated coverage.  Though we stand behind each and every one of our products, we do recommend that our producers take the time to research and qualify those that they choose to sell. In completing their due diligence our producers are then prepared to answer questions and help their customers understand the benefits of purchasing the life insurance products they recommend.

At eFinancial it is our goal to partner with the top life insurance companies in the market, giving our producers a competitive edge. Interested in learning how working with eFinancial can improve your product offerings? Read our complete blog post on the eFinancial Opportunity.  If you have questions or comments about insurance ratings and how they can be used to validate your product offerings, please share them below.