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Three Ways to Convert Life Insurance Leads

Apr 9, 2013 2 Minute Read

So you’ve gotten life insurance leads through a paid lead generator or organic website visits. But now what? It’s up to you to convert them into sales. We’ve got three tips on how to convert leads into solid sales.

  1. Be Up Front: It’s important for your client to trust you, and one simple way to build their trust is by being transparent. Give them the honest pros and cons of each product they’re interested in. Answer any questions truthfully, and make an effort to put your client’s needs above your own. If your clients see you care about providing them with the best solution for their needs and know you are honest, they will trust you.
  2. Be Broad: Don’t just offer one product to a specific problem. Instead, paint a bigger picture and give clients a solutions-based plan. Offer them an objective analysis of their situation, and in the future, you can recommend specific products for problems they didn’t even know they had. Even if they just buy one product now, they will remember you had a wide variety of services to offer them.
  3. Ask Questions: Ask your clients open-ended questions. The more you can discuss situations and goals with them, the more you can see where they need help. You can’t offer solutions to problems you don’t know about.

The most important part about asking questions is to really listen to your client’s answers. By listening to them, you can really get to know their goals and problem areas. You will be trusted more if you can show you know their entire situation.

Good lead conversion techniques can help increase your sales numbers. Without them, all you have are leads and no sales.