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Why use a life insurance CRM?

Jul 16, 2013 2 Minute Read

As your life insurance business starts to succeed, it can be more difficult to keep track of multiple clients. Before you start to struggle with  which client is at which point of the sales process, consider using a life insurance CRM and sales solution like eFinancial’s Automated Life Insurance Sales System (ALISS).

Stay Organized

A life insurance CRM and sales solution can help you to stay organized plus help you do more business, faster. Using a software solution can help you serve your customers better by simplifying the sales process.

A life insurance CRM allows you to keep better track of your clients electronically, without having bulky file folders and paperwork. You will easily be able to see where prospective clients are in the sales cycle as well as when current clients may be up for term life insurance renewal.

Be Specific

Don’t just use any ordinary CRM or sales system; instead purchase one that is specific to your business. By using a solution that is specific to insurance, you save yourself time and headaches trying to make a general CRM perform all of the life insurance-specific tasks you need.

As a life insurance agent, you should use a solution that allows you to provide quotes, complete apps and order medical exams. Other features useful for life insurance agents include:

  • Purchased lead integration
  • Schedule communications and to-dos
  • Automate follow-ups
  • Software and product trainings

The best kind of CRM and sales solution is one that makes your life easier and allows you to get back to doing what you do best, selling life insurance.