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Terminal Illness Riders

Adding a terminal illness rider to your life insurance policy can help your family prepare financially if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Understanding Terminal Illness Riders

Your life insurance needs are as unique as you and your family. That’s why most insurance providers offer life insurance riders, or optional features you can add to your policy to customize your coverage.

A terminal illness rider offers extra financial protection for you and your loved ones if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. If you want to be prepared for the unexpected, these riders can give you and your family peace of mind.

How Do Terminal Illness Riders Work?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an illness you’re not expected to recover from, this rider gives you early access to some or all of the policy cash payment or “death benefit” your family would receive after your death. This is known as an accelerated death benefit or living benefit, and gives you and your family financial protection over a longer period of time. The amount you receive from your accelerated death benefit depends on your provider, but is generally a percentage of the full death benefit.

These riders are different from critical illness riders, which cover you if you’re diagnosed with a serious but curable condition or a chronic illness. Terminal illness insurance is specifically designed to offer your loved ones’ financial security once you are at the point where recovery is unlikely. While adding this rider to your policy does come with an additional cost, the protection it offers can make a big difference.

Benefits of a Terminal Illness Rider

Adding terminal illness insurance is easy, convenient, and an affordable choice for many policyholders. With this rider, you can:

  • Get early access to your death benefit

    Get early access to your death benefit

  • Customize your life insurance policy

    Customize your life insurance policy

  • Reduce the financial impact on your family

    Reduce the financial impact on your family

Terminal Illness Riders Through eFinancial

If you want a backup plan for your family’s financial security in case you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, eFinancial is here to help. We work with over 20 top life insurance providers to offer you a range of terminal illness rider options. Our team of agents can provide personalized guidance as you navigate policies, costs, and features.

At eFinancial, we’re committed to helping you build a customized plan for you and your family that fits your needs, no matter what the future holds.

You've Got Questions. We've GotAnswers.

Wondering if a terminal illness rider is right for you? Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions:

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