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What is direct term life insurance?

Apr 24, 2020 4 Minute Read

Shopping for a life insurance policy can mean uncovering options that you didn’t even know existed, like direct term life insurance. So, what is direct term life insurance exactly, and how do you know if it’s right for you?

Also known as “direct-to-consumer,” direct term is coverage that you purchase straight from a life insurance company or agency, often online or by phone. In short, it’s an easy, convenient way to get covered – on your own terms.

Understanding direct term life insurance

To understand direct term life insurance, it helps to understand term life insurance in general first. Term life is a policy that you buy for a set period of time, typically between 10 and 30 years. If you die during that time, your loved ones will receive a cash payout that they can use as they like. It’s the simplest and most affordable type of life insurance, which makes it a popular choice with many families.

That also helps explain why many people feel comfortable buying term policies directly from a life insurance company or agency, instead of going through a professional or other intermediary. Just like with car insurers, you can compare life insurance quotes with a few clicks from the comfort of home. It’s simple and straightforward, which means you can feel confident in the driver’s seat as you shop.

Is direct term life insurance right for me?

For many people, direct term life insurance is appealing because it fits their busy lives. It’s a way to get covered and get right back to living your life, knowing your loved ones are protected financially. Some advantages of going the direct route include:

  • Online shopping means you can check life insurance off your list quickly, rather than waiting to make an appointment with a life insurance professional. eFinancial lets you compare personalized insurance quotes from over 20 A-rated carriers in 60 seconds online – and some coverage options can start the same day. See your personalized rate here.
  • Want to shop for life insurance on a Sunday night after the kids are in bed? How about Tuesday morning before your dentist appointment? It’s your call to make. Online shopping means you can do it exactly when your schedule allows. Our quoting engine and our team are here to help. Once you’re covered, you can also make updates as needed, like beneficiary changes, without having to go through an agent.
  • With plenty of life insurance companies to choose from, you have options. Different plans can be a better fit for you price-wise depending on factors like your overall health and age. With direct term life insurance, you can shop and compare quotes easily to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

A direct choice for your family

eFinancial offers term life insurance policy options from over 20 companies, coupled with personalized support to help you feel confident in your choices. You can compare life insurance quotes online and purchase by phone from the comfort of your home or office – no appointment needed. Our team is here to answer your questions, and we can often get you covered on a single call. Give us a call or start your quote today.

Benefits of direct term life insurance

Beyond the advantages term life insurance offers, direct term life insurance can save you time and money. Because you can get quotes online and purchase a policy over the internet, without having to talk to anyone over the phone, getting direct term life insurance is a quick process. Don’t worry if you have questions, eFinancial has agents available to answer questions by phone.Once you’re approved, you can manage your policy online. Also, because you’re buying life insurance directly from an insurer, direct term life insurance can sometimes be less expensive.

At eFinancial, our goal is to make life insurance simple, affordable, and understandable for everyday families. This content is intended for educational purposes only. Each post is carefully fact-checked, reviewed and updated regularly to ensure the information is as relevant as possible.