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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance can help you find the coverage you need, even if you have serious health concerns.

No medical exam life insurance can help you find the coverage you need, even if you have serious health concerns.

How Does No Medical Exam Life Insurance Work?

Most life insurance plans require you to take a medical exam to determine if you qualify and what your rates will be. That means it can be tough to get coverage if you have serious health concerns or a history of illness in your family.

No medical exam insurance includes any type of life insurance policy that doesn’t require an exam or medical underwriting. Some of these policies may ask you a few questions about your overall health in a survey or questionnaire, while others simply guarantee acceptance. If you’re worried about qualifying for approval because of your health, these life insurance options can help you access the coverage you need.

What Type Of Medical Exam Is Required For Life Insurance?

During a typical life insurance medical exam, a health professional (or paramed) will check your height and weight and may take blood and urine samples. You’ll also probably be asked questions about  your medical history, pre-existing conditions, and smoking or drinking habits. Exams are usually scheduled at no cost to you at a location of your choice. Learn more about taking a medical exam here.

If you’re concerned that your health may affect your ability to get approved for a life insurance policy, ask your agent about one of the following no medical exam insurance options:

Permanent Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Whole or permanent life insurance offers lifelong protection and can gain cash value during the life of the policy. Part of each premium goes toward a cash value account that can gain interest over time. After you die, your beneficiaries will receive a tax-free lump cash payment as long as you’ve followed the policy terms.

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance

helps you fast-track the approval process. This can be a good option if you are looking for basic coverage and have relatively good health. While you won’t need to take an exam, you may have to fill out a health survey and submit a medical history. This type of no exam insurance may not come with the cash value opportunities of other whole life policies, so be sure to ask your agent what your options are.

With guaranteed issue insurance, you don’t have to share medical history or deal with a life insurance medical exam, and you can’t be turned down based on your health. Once you’ve bought your policy, it’s yours for as long as you pay your premiums, even if your health gets worse. While premiums tend to be higher and coverage amounts are lower than other policies, guaranteed issue is often the best insurance option for people who may not qualify for other types of coverage.

Term Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

With term life insurance, you get to choose how long you are covered. Most terms run from five to 30 years, which means you can cover financial obligations for a certain period of time, like paying off a mortgage or raising a family. If your policy is still active when you die, and you’ve followed the terms,  your beneficiaries get a tax-free cash payment to use however they wish.

Guaranteed Acceptance Term Life Insurance

can help you get the coverage you need if you don’t qualify for traditional term life insurance. Instead of a medical exam, you may be asked several health questions about serious conditions and lifestyle choices or given a short survey to fill out. While the premiums and coverage options will be different than traditional policies, guaranteed acceptance plans don’t rely on your medical history to qualify you for coverage.

Benefits Of No Medical Exam Insurance

No exam insurance can help protect you and your family, even if you have health concerns and may not qualify for most policies. Some of the biggest reasons people consider it include:

  • Convenience: With a quicker and easier approval process, you can get coverage right away.
  • Scheduling: You won’t have to fit a medical exam and extra tests into your busy schedule.
  • Health concerns: Concerned that agreeing to a medical exam means you won’t qualify for life insurance? Don’t worry about it – you have options.

No Medical Exam Insurance Through eFinancial

At eFinancial, our goal is to make buying life insurance as easy and affordable as possible. We offer a variety of no exam term and permanent products from multiple providers, and our expert agents are always ready to talk you through your options.

We’re here to support you through every step of the process and get you covered as quickly as possible. You’ll never be alone when you choose to buy your no exam insurance through eFinancial.

To learn more, start your free, no-obligation online quote or call 866-388-3996800-957-9525 to talk with one of our agents.