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5 Ways to Improve Your Life Insurance Sales Presentation

Dec 14, 2012 3 Minute Read

The life insurance sales presentation is maybe the single most important step in the sales process. It is the moment where you sell yourself and your products to a potential client. For many agents, it is the first time that you will ever sit down with a client one-on-one in person. For an ever growing number of agents, these presentations are taking place remotely, over the phone. Either way, there are several tips that will help you nail your presentation and close the sale.

    1. Do Your Homework

      If you don’t know what you are talking about, the customers can tell. Most people are adept at seeing through smokescreens. You need to have a deep knowledge of the industry and your products. Before you ever contact a customer, you must be confident that you are an expert. Take the time to study. There are many ways to learn more. You can read industry books, attend life insurance webinars or seminars, study under an experienced agent, and do in-depth research online. Your confidence will inspire confidence in your customers.

    2. Practice Your Life Insurance Sales Presentation

      Your life insurance sales presentation is like a theatrical performance. Make sure that it is carefully prepared and rehearsed. Practice your presentation in front of a mirror. You can also record yourself on a video camera to really see and hear the same thing as your customers. Practice the presentation until the words are second nature and come naturally to you.

    3. Personalize Your Life Insurance Sales Presentation

      You should have your presentation down cold, but you must leave enough room to personalize it for each individual customer. Hopefully by the time you reach the life insurance sales presentation, you already have a basic understanding of the client’s needs and desires. You should make sure that you tailor your presentation around those. Also, leave enough wiggle room in your presentation to go off topic if the situation demands. Customers will have questions and concerns that may not be covered in your presentation.

Use Selling Words

Language is a powerful tool. Craft your presentation carefully for maximum impact. Use powerful selling words in your presentation to maximize impact. These include: you, money, safe, results, love, free, proven, more, new, how to, and guarantee.

  1. Follow Up and Follow Through

    Selling life insurance doesn’t end when you leave the customer after your presentation. You must follow up in a timely manner. Contact them within a couple of days just to let them know that you are always available to answer any questions. Also, if you promise anything during your presentation, deliver it. For instance, if you tell a customer you will provide more information on a particular product, send it to them as soon as possible. Ideally you will have answers to questions and other promised information available within 24 hours.

    The life insurance sales presentation is a crucial step in the sales process. Make sure that you don’t leave its success up to chance. With careful preparation and attention to detail, you can deliver a presentation that gets results.