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How to Succeed in Life Insurance Sales: 5 Tips

Nov 14, 2011 2 Minute Read

There are key components to the art of selling. To help teach you how to succeed in life insurance sales we compiled five of our favorite selling tips.

Know Your Product

Be the expert. Demonstrate your vast product knowledge by answering any and all questions related to your product offerings. Make recommendations on which policies will best suit your customer’s needs. Offer information on each type you recommend and discuss the associated costs. Your competence will instill confidence in your customer. Consider incorporating visual aids when discussing your customer’s options. Since people absorb information in different ways, visual aids may add life to your meeting while accommodating visual learners. Also be aware of your competitors so you can make policy comparisons and demonstrate your ability to satisfy your customer’s life insurance needs.

Make a Great First Impression

A potential customer makes a decision about you within seconds of your first encounter. To make a good first impression: smile, speak in a friendly warm tone, demonstrate professionalism and show respect for their time. Your customer’s first impression of you will influence their receptiveness and decision to work with you.

Engage Your Customer in Conversation

Start by sitting with your client, without a desk or table between you. Educate by exchanging information and avoid lecturing. Provide anecdotes and listen to the details they share with you about their needs, goals and financial situation. Demonstrate your interest in the information your customer shares and encourage questions. Make sure they understand that learning about their family, career and budget will help you serve them better.

Forget the hard-sell approach to closing

Be sincere and provide your customers with options to build trust with you and the products you offer. Allow them to reach their own conclusions and decisions using the information and insight you provide.

Personalize Your Business

When meeting with clients, create a welcoming environment. Personalize your office with family photos, rather than stacks of magazines and brochures, to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. A friendly environment sets the stage for your life insurance discussion.

Show your clients that you are compassionate toward others and passionate about what you do. Always maintain a level of professionalism in your appearance, you promptness, your timely responsiveness and the sales materials you utilize. Not only will you increase your life insurance sales, you may also benefit from customer referrals. With this approach to business, your clients will be happy to send friends and family your way. The time and effort you put into creating a positive and trusted reputation will pay off.

Follow these life insurance sales tips and you will know how to succeed.

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