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Life Insurance Medical Exams

Here’s what you need to know about medical exams to help lock in your ideal policy at the most affordable rates.

Here’s what you need to know about medical exams to help lock in your ideal policy at the most affordable rates.

What Is a Life Insurance Medical Exam?

When you apply for a traditional life insurance policy, you may need to take a medical exam before you can be approved. The medical exam gives your insurance company an accurate picture of your health, which helps to determine if you’re eligible for coverage and what your rates will be.

During the exam, a medical professional will perform a basic physical and ask a few health questions. Life insurance medical exams don’t cost you anything and are designed to be simple and convenient. If you’re concerned about taking a medical exam for health reasons or want a quicker approval, a guaranteed issue or simplified issue policy might be a better choice for you.

What to Expect During a Life Insurance Medical Exam

Once you’ve applied for a life insurance policy, the medical exam takes place as part of the insurance company’s underwriting process. Here’s how the process typically works:

  • A certified medical professional (a paramed) will come to your home, office, or another spot you choose for the exam.
  • The exam takes about 30 minutes and typically involves measuring height and weight, taking your blood pressure, collecting blood and urine samples, and asking health questions.
  • Your examiner will go over the specifics beforehand, including any other tests you might need.
  • After the exam, your insurer will get in touch to let you know if you’re approved and what rate they can offer you.

Life Insurance Medical Exam Tips

Want to make sure you’re ready for your exam? A little advance preparation can make your life insurance test more comfortable for you and help you secure the lowest possible rates. To get the best results:

  • Get it done bright and early: Since you’ll need to fast for 12 hours beforehand, scheduling the exam earlier in the morning can help minimize cravings during your life insurance physical. Getting a full night’s sleep can also help you get the best blood pressure reading.
  • Eat clean: Lay off those double cheeseburgers and other high-cholesterol, fatty, or salty foods for at least 24 hours to get the best blood pressure and cholesterol results.
  • No smoking, no drinking: Don’t forget to cut out alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes for at least 24 hours beforehand.
  • Take it easy: Consider this a free pass on your morning run – avoid strenuous exercise for a day or so.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water makes it easier to give blood and urine samples.
  • Attention, ladies: Avoid scheduling the exam during your period, since it can affect your urine sample.
  • Come prepared: Make sure to have your photo ID and a list of medications handy, and wear short sleeves or clothing with easy access for the blood pressure cuff.

Alternatives to Taking a Life Insurance Health Exam

While taking an exam is usually the best way to lock in affordable rates, there are alternatives.

If You’re in Mostly Good Health

Simplified issue insurance is best for those who don’t have serious medical concerns, but don’t want to deal with the exam. You can swap the life insurance medical test for a short health questionnaire and a review of your medical and pharmacy records. Instead of the traditional six to eight weeks, you can get approved in days, sometimes minutes, and you’ll be eligible for the full amount of your life insurance coverage from day one.

If You Have Health Problems

Just like it sounds, guaranteed issue life insurance is a guaranteed way to get covered regardless of your health. As long as you meet any age restrictions, you don’t have to take a medical exam or even answer any medical questions. It can be a great option for people with serious health concerns, like a recent heart attack, because it allows them to get coverage without having to wait.

If Your Insurer Offers No-Exam Options

While simplified issue and guaranteed issue policies tend to cost more than traditional term life policies, there are ways to skip the medical exam and still get competitive rates. Some traditional policies will waive the exam if you meet certain criteria. These insurers may use predictive modeling to determine whether you can get covered without a checkup.

Life Insurance Medical Exams with eFinancial

At eFinancial, our goal is to make buying term life, permanent life, and final expense insurance easy and affordable. We’ll help you understand what to expect during your medical exam and schedule a third-party testing company to come to your home or office at no cost to you. We’re committed to supporting you during every step of the process, helping you find the right life insurance company, and getting you covered and quickly as possible.

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