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Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Have health issues or need life insurance in a hurry? Simplified issue can help you get covered quickly and conveniently.

What Is Simplified Issue Life Insurance?

Just like it sounds, simplified life insurance helps to fast-track you through the life insurance process. With a quicker application and approval than traditional life insurance, simplified plans don’t require a medical exam and may not require you to answer health questions. That often means you can get covered in just hours, instead of days or weeks.

Simplified issue plans can cost a little more than life insurance policies that require a medical exam, and coverage amounts tend to be lower than traditional policies. If you’re constantly on the go or don’t think you’ll qualify for health reasons, though, simplified issue can help you get the coverage you need quickly.

How Does a Simplified Life Policy Work?

The biggest difference between a quick issue life insurance and a traditional life insurance plan is that simplified issue doesn’t require a medical exam. With most term life and permanent life policies, the insurance company performs an exam to determine your eligibility and your life insurance rates. This exam is free to you and generally includes measuring your height and weight, taking your blood pressure, collecting blood and urine samples, and asking health questions.

With a simplified issue term life plan, you typically complete a health questionnaire instead of taking a medical exam to determine if you qualify for life insurance. This survey covers questions about your overall health, tobacco and alcohol usage, and family medical history. It’s important to remember that your answers can still result in a higher premium or prevent you from qualifying at all.

Simplified insurance premiums typically cost a bit more than traditional term life insurance policies, and coverage is often limited to $100,000. Depending on your situation, though, the convenience and ability to qualify with some health issues can outweigh the costs.

Benefits of Simplified Life Insurance

  • Convenient process

    Convenient process

  • Quick approval

    Quick approval

  • Qualify with health issues

    Qualify with health issues

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